Little Girl Understandably Bummed Obama Is Not Beyoncé

Little Girl Understandably Bummed Obama Is Not Beyoncé

While hanging out with President Barack Obama may seem like a big deal, it definitely would not be as cool as hanging out with Beyoncé.

At least that's what Madison, a sixth grader from Washington, D.C., told the president while she worked next to him during a Sept. 11 community service event.

"When I first heard that somebody special was coming, I really wanted it to be Beyoncé," Madison told Obama.

"I understand," Obama said, because of course. The president told Madison his daughters Malia and Sasha "would feel the same way."

Madison told Obama it's "even better" that he's the one who showed up to the community service event, where volunteers filled "playpacks" that will be distributed to homeless children at nearby shelter, according to a White House pool report. But first lady Michelle Obama didn't shy away from saying she'd rather Queen Bey be at the event, too.

"I'd rather see Beyoncé," the first lady said.

Watch a video of the exchange above.

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