Obama, Biden, Ryan, Romney Campaign In Colorado All Weekend

Do You Feel The Love Colorado?

Feeling loved yet, Colorado? Because the courtship is kicking into high gear this weekend, even though most voters in the state appear to have opted for early voting.

President Barack Obama will be rallying voters at the Community College of Aurora on Sunday at 7 p.m. with a free acoustic performance by Dave Matthews while Vice President Joe Biden is traveling to Arvada and Pueblo on Saturday.

Also on Saturday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann will be rallying supporters in Colorado Springs and Greenwood Village while running mate Paul Ryan will be in Montrose before heading to Castle Rock on Sunday and Johnston on Monday.

Data released by the Secretary of State's office on Friday show that more Republicans have cast their ballots during the early voting period than Democrats, and that nearly 1.5 million have already turned in their ballots.

Of those voters, 37 percent are Republicans, 35 percent are Democrats and 28 percent are unaffiliated.

Political analyst Floyd Ciruli told 9News that there are "probably fewer than ten percent of the people left" who haven't yet made up their minds.

While President Obama seems to be hanging onto his lead in key states, The Huffington Post's Pollster is still showing only a one percentage point difference between Obama and Romney, keeping the state a tossup.

"After billions of dollars being spent on both sides, all those primaries and caucuses and hundreds of rallies, what this race boils down to is what voters saw for 90 minutes," former Colorado GOP chairman Dick Wadhams told the Denver Post on Friday.

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