This Kickstarter Wants To Animate Obama And Biden’s Bromance

Oh, and make them time-traveling heroes who battle Trump as well.

“Rick and Morty,” meet “Barry & Joe.”

The epic bromance between Barack Obama and Joe Biden may become an animated sci-fi adventure series if a Kickstarter reaches its goal by Aug. 31.

In the beginning of August, filmmaker Adam Reid launched a Kickstarter to raise $100,000 in order to make a pilot for “Barry & Joe,” an adult cartoon in which younger versions of Obama and Biden battle President Donald Trump while righting the wrongs of history through time travel. 

A poster for the series on Reid’s Kickstarter.
A poster for the series on Reid’s Kickstarter.

Even better, Neil deGrasse Tyson will guide them on their journeys, appearing in “the form of an augmented reality that only [Obama and Biden] can see and hear.”

Reid told DCist that he came up with the idea shortly after Trump was elected last year, but “put [the concept] away for six months because it’s clearly a stoner idea.”

But, after just a few months of living under the Trump administration, Reid felt that — much like a big ol’ bong hit — the series may be what the nation needs right now. So he decided to try and raise funds.

On Aug. 30, as of the publication of this post, Reid’s Kickstarter is only about $6,000 short of its goal.

To check it out, click here.



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