Veteran Unemployment: Obama Signs Bill Into Law To Spur Vet Hiring

Obama Signs Bill Into Law To Spur Veteran Hiring

Despite recent clashes in Congress, members put aside partisan dissemblance Monday in a "vow" to help veterans.

With support by both Republicans and Democrats, President Obama signed into law the "VOW to Hire Heroes Act," CNN reports.

The bill provides tax credits for businesses that hire unemployed and disabled veterans.

The site quotes the President expressing the importance of providing employment opportunities for veterans:

"Just as they fight for us on the battlefield, it's up to us to fight for our troops and their families when they come home," Obama said. "Today, a deeply grateful nation is doing right by our military and paying back just a little bit what we owe our veterans."

Bloomberg Businessweek states that the tax credit may not actually do much in the way of job creation and that it would complicate the already confusing tax code. However when it comes to giving veterans an edge in employment, the news site argues that "it's the right thing to do."

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