Barack Obama Finally Gets To Celebrate His Birthday Like A Normal Person

The former president turns 56 on Friday.

Former President Barack Obama is celebrating his 56th birthday on Friday, his first since leaving office in January.

Last year, the White House threw Obama a massive bash with celebrity guests including Beyoncé and Jay-Z. In 2015, he dined at Rose’s Luxury, a popular Washington, D.C., restaurant. This year’s festivities will likely be even more laid-back.

The occasion may also be bittersweet for Obama as he looks back on all that’s changed in the past year. President Donald Trump is working to dismantle many of his predecessor’s signature policy achievements, including health care reform as well as key environmental regulations.

Obama has continued to reside in D.C., though he’s mostly stayed out of national politics. Instead, he’s spent his time building the Obama Foundation as well as taking a few much-needed vacations.

Fans of the former president sent him well-wishes on social media: