Obama Blocking Reggie Love's Basketball Shot Shown To Press Corp By Gibbs (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs enlivened his daily press conference by showing reporters a blown up photo of President Obama blocking a shot by his bodyman Reggie Love during a basketball game.

The game happened in New York. Gibbs told the press corp that Obama related to him that

He had blocked several of Reggie's shots, including one that was photographed by Pete Souza [the official White House photographer]. There is now a very large print of that downstairs in the West Wing that the President asked Reggie to sign. And it is prominently displayed for both Reggie and, I think more importantly, the President's enjoyment as he walks to and from meetings.

As Gibbs held up the photo he read Love's message: "Mr. President, nice block. -Reggie Love"

One reporter yelled out that it looked like a foul. Later a slightly chagrined Love interrupted the press conference, to much laughter from reporters, to take back the photo.


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