Obama Busts A Move On The Dance Floor In Kenya

Get jiggy with it, Obama.

While first lady Michelle Obama has made a name for herself as a voracious dancer, President Barack Obama just proved that he knows his way around the dance floor, too. 

During a dinner at Nairobi's State House on Saturday, Obama joined the Kenyan band Sauti Sol in performing the Lipala, a traditional dance experiencing a resurgence in popularity after the band gave it a modern upgrade earlier this year. 

Sauti Sol posted an Instagram video of the president grooving with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, first lady Margaret Kenyatta and U.S. national security adviser Susan Rice.


Obama made history last week when he became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Kenya, the country where his father was born. During a press conference before the dinner, he surprised many when he spoke out against Kenya's strict ban on homosexuality.

"If somebody is a law-abiding citizen who is going about their business and working in a job and obeying the traffic signs and doing all the other things that all citizens are supposed to do, and not harming anybody," he said, "the idea that they are gonna be treated differently or abused because of who they love is wrong, full stop."

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