Obama Celebrates Win By Riding Bike

Obama Celebrates Win By Riding Bike

Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama has won our admiration before, thanks to his support of cycling and his support of public transportation, as well as his eagerness to address climate change, as exemplified by the fact that he would want Al Gore to help him on climate issues (however, we have also been less-than-impressed with Obama's stance on "clean coal" technology). Now, after a protracted, difficult campaign, Obama has finally won the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. So how did he celebrate? According to the Associated Press, the Senator took the weekend off and "joined family and neighbors for a bicycle ride along the shores of Lake Michigan on Sunday."

This bit of news should erase any doubt left that Obama would be sympathetic to cause of cyclists. Then again, President Bush is known to be an avid cyclist, yet to our knowledge he hasn't gone out of his way to promote cycling for recreation or transportation. And while Obama still has to defeat John McCain in November, it's hard to resist imagining what it would be like to not only have a president that is a cyclist, but one that is also a bicycle advocate. When oil costs $130 a barrel, and given the desire for change in politics, that may no longer be an outlandish idea.

Image Credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

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