Obama, Chavez Handshake Was 'Boyz In The Hood'-Style: Kudlow

So what's the New New Fox News Thing? Obsessing endlessly on a handshake, folks. Yes, President Barack Obama went to the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad to listen to Daniel Ortega ramble on for a million hours, and during that time, he had the opportunity to meet Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. That's when the worst thing that's ever happened to American hemispheric hegemony occurred: Obama shook Chavez's hand. Immediately, the Statue of Liberty displayed stigmata.

And here's a video of Larry Kudlow freaking out about it, calling it a "boyz in the hood" handshake. But did he make sweet "thuggy love" to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe? No! So now Kudlow is warning of OMENS. So that's why we all get socialized medicine from Citgo today, because Obama didn't just choke Chavez to death, right there in front of everyone.


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