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This Obama-Themed Clothing Line Just Dropped Into Your Life

You can thank Chance The Rapper for making it famous.

There has been no shortage of tributes to President Obama and first lady Michelle in the months since the 2016 election. But none have been quite as cool as this clothing collection by designer Joe Freshgoods, which launched on January 20.

If you, like us, missed the first release of “Thank You Obama,” a collection of T-shirts, posters and sweatshirts all dedicated to the Obama family, all of that changed when Chance the Rapper tweeted photos of himself wearing the restocked goods on Thursday.

“I’m a model now. #ThankUObama droppin in like 15 minutes.,” he captioned the group of images. He’s seen wearing a T-shirt featuring Obama in a crown, an airbrushed “Barack and Michelle wedding T-shirt” that looks like it came from the coolest amusement part of all time and oh, right ...

A T-shirt that has the name Malia emblazoned across it. Said T-shirt, called “a message to Malia,” also says, “We all smoke, it’s OK.” The design and color appear to be an homage to Harvard, where Malia will study after a gap year.

<a href="" target="_blank">"A message to Malia" </a>T-shirt, $35&nbsp;
"A message to Malia" T-shirt, $35 

On the Thank You Obama website, Freshgoods explained the inspiration for this extremely important project. “The night Obama won his first term gave me so much hope, especially and most importantly as a black man. I decided to make a collection saying ‘thank you’ and give me something to smile at every now and then when i look in the closet,” he wrote.

According to Casual Fridays, the line sold out quickly when it first dropped, and this restock is already on a 1- to 2-week backorder, so you’d better move fast if you want to score some of this iconic memorabilia.

Thank you, Chance the Rapper. Thank you, Obama. And thank you, Thank You Obama.

Head to Thank You Obama to learn more.