Obama Writes His First Line Of Code

Obama became the first president in U.S. history to write a line of code Monday.

"moveForward(100);" may now be the most famous line of JavaScript in history -- it's what President Barack Obama wrote Monday as he reportedly became the first United States president to write a computer program.

The occasion was intended to mark the first day of 2014's Computer Science Education Week, which provides opportunities for students to learn computer science.

Around 30 middle-school students from Newark, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York were hosted at the White House for an "Hour of Code."

The president wrote a single line of JavaScript in a tutorial based on Disney's film "Frozen," explained Hadi Partovi, the CEO of Code.org.

The line, "moveForward(100);" moved main character Elsa 100 pixels to draw a square.

"You gotta slow down, 'cause I'm an old man," Obama told a student as she explained the program to him.

Interested parties can try it for themselves here.

The event came with several announcements from the White House, including commitments by more than 60 school districts to provide computer science education for students, steps to increase representation of minorities and women in computer science, and a new Advanced Placement Computer Science course from the College Board.

President Obama has long championed technology, engineering, and science as key points of education for American students.

The Obama White House has been pretty tech savvy over the years, becoming the first to truly harness the power of social media with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Obama himself is the first president with a smartphone, though he has been mocked for sticking with a Blackberry.


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