Obama Approval Rating Increases Among College Students

Endurance we can believe in?

According to a new survey from the Harvard Institute of Politics, young adults still overwhelmingly like President Barack Obama. Among four-year college students alone, the president's approval rating has risen 9 points to 60 percent since a similar poll was conducted October. The president's overall approval rating holds at 55 percent among 18-to 29-year-olds, up 6 points from October.

As for Obama's pull among youth in 2012, 38 percent of Millenials said they'd vote for the president against a "generic Republican" candidate.

On a larger scale, 27 percent of students said they trusted the federal government, a 2-point decrease from last year. Fifty percent said they trusted the military, a 3-point drop. And 83 percent of students reported caring about America's global standing.

For more results, see the full survey here.