Obama Fox News Shut Out Continues

Patrick Gavin at FishbowlDC has been documenting who Barack Obama has called on for questions at his transition press conferences, and notes that the President-elect continues to sideline reporters from Fox News. Fox has gone 0 for 5 "since the election." Of course, news of who got the privilege of asking a question today sort of puts this in hilarious perspective:

UPDATE: Questions went to Liz Sidoti (AP), Caren Bohan (Reuters), Jake Tapper (ABC), Peter Baker (NYT), John McCormick (Tribune), Tribune, Dean Reynolds (CBS).

Wow. So Dean Reynolds, the "whiny-whinerpuss" diva who famously complained about how bad the Obama plane smelled and how rotten he was getting treated on the trail by the Obama campaign, gets to ask a question and Fox doesn't? HA HA BURN.