Obama Tests His Comedy Skills On A Cuban Sketch Show

"Obama, Obama, so nice you came to Havana!"

President Barack Obama appeared on a sketch show with one of Cuba's most famous comedians during his historic visit to the country earlier this week.

Obama appeared on "Vivir del Cuento" with Luis Silva, a famous Cuban comedian. In the sketch, Obama visits the home of Silva's character Pánfilo.

Watch a video of Obama's appearance on the show above.

Obama also appeared in a sketch with Silva before his trip, filming a bit from the White House that appeared online Saturday. It's a running joke on Silva's show that Pánfilo has tried to reach out to Obama before, and this time he finally gets the president on the phone:

It seems like Obama's had a pretty fun week. He attended a Major League Baseball game and attended a state dinner while in Cuba. He then traveled to Argentina after, where he tried dancing the tango.



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