Obama: Cubs World Series Win Is The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread. Literally.

Even though he's a White Sox fan, he noted that a Cubs championship was still a big deal.

Even President Barack Obama took some time on Thursday to gush about the Chicago Cubs, who were fresh off winning their first World Series since 1908.

Sometimes Americans want to focus on things that aren’t politics, Obama said while speaking about negative campaign ads airing in Florida.

“Down here, it’s just like every ad, it’s depressing. And there’s negative ads and there’s distractions. And sometimes the temptation is to tune it out and you want to focus on the Cubs winning the World Series,” he said during a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton at Florida International University. “Which, by the way, even for a White Sox fan is a pretty big deal.”

“The Cubs have been waiting like 108 years,” he added. “I was watching something on television, they explained that the last time the Cubs had won, Thomas Edison was alive and they hadn’t even invented sliced bread yet. So you know the expression ‘this is the greatest thing since sliced bread’? This is actually, for Cubs fans, the greatest things since sliced bread.’”

Sliced bread didn’t hit the market until 1928.

As the Cubs and Cleveland Indians faced off in Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday night, Neil deGrasse Tyson noted on Twitter how much has changed since the Chicago team last won: Mark Twain was still alive, Henry Ford hadn’t perfected the assembly line and the Wright brothers were debating whether an airplane could fly from New York to Paris.

Obama also tweeted support for the Cubs early Thursday morning, inviting the team to the White House. 

The president returned from his baseball digression by saying it’s crucial to focus on the election and to vote, even when it’s tempting to tune out politics.

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