Obama Disney: President Heading To Disney World To Talk U.S. Travel

Aren't Sasha and Malia going to be jealous. President Barack Obama will be visiting Walt Disney World Thursday to deliver a speech outlining plans to boost the economy by promoting travel and tourism in the U.S., reports CBS News.

The president will deliver his speech from the Magic Kingdom, the most famous of the Central Florida parks. For park guests, a feed of the presentation will be shown, appropriately enough, in the Hall of Presidents.

According to Reuters, "the event is styled as the president’s latest effort to push his 'We Can’t Wait' jobs growth initiative."

In the speech, Obama is expected to address visa reform as well as reveal plans to make permanent the Global Entry program, which will slash wait times at U.S. customs checkpoints for pre-approved travelers.

"We understand that he [Obama] is going to trumpet the value of travel generally and improve facilitation for international travel, especially from China and Brazil," Blain Rethmeier, senior vice president of public affairs at the U.S. Travel Association told the Orlando Sentinel.

It's also expected that the President will highlight new hires for consulates in China and Brazil. That move could exponentially increase the number of visas processed annually in those countries.

The president's visit will have some impact on park guests. Boats, monorails and parking lots will operate normally. Though, after bag screenings at the park's entrance, visitors will be routed through a backstage gate usually reserved for high volume days, reports local Channel 6. They will not be allowed along Main Street USA.

The inconvenience won't be for long, though. President Obama is only expected to be in Orlando fewer than three hours.

Check out a slideshow of celebrities who enjoy Disney theme parks below.

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