Obama Breaks Bush Jacket Rule In Oval Office

Obama Breaks Bush Jacket Rule In Oval Office

Following the release of the Oval Office photograph from Obama's first day, many observers have noted a distinct change from the Bush years: the new president is not wearing his jacket.


As Taegan Goddard writes, "It was a rule during the Bush administration that no one ever enter the Oval Office without a jacket."

And Politico's Ben Smith muses, "Still unclear which press staffer will be the first to show up in flip-flops."

Though this change is no doubt trivial in the larger scheme of things, it at least signifies yet another example of a symbolic break with the past. Also, the Oval Office's less stringent dress code could very well prove psychologically advantageous to visitors and aides alike by creating a more comfortable atmosphere in which to handle presumably stressful situations - - better to worry about major economic and foreign policies to right the American ship than about gratuitous sartorial punctilios.

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