Obama's ‘Ebola Czar' Predicts How Trump Will Try To Shift Coronavirus Blame

Ronald Klain warned that hospitals will be "crushed" as the number of cases soars.

Ronald Klain, who led the Obama White House response to the Ebola crisis, on Wednesday warned people to watch out for President Donald Trump and his administration to try deflecting responsibility for their chaotic and widely criticized handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Klain told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow:

We ought to watch for what’s going to be a pivot, I predict, in the Trump administration rhetoric. I think increasingly they’re going to say, ‘Hey, this is a state and local problem. We’re here to provide technical expertise but solving this will be up to governors and up to mayors.’ I think they’re going to try to push this problem downward.

Klain also said people should expect hospitals in the U.S. to be “crushed” as the number of cases continues to rise. More than 1,300 people in America have been so far sickened by the virus. It’s killed 38 people nationwide.

Check out the interview above.