Obama Election Night 2012: Chicago's McCormick Place Announced As Rally Venue

President Barack Obama will be back in Chicago on election night again this year, though the festivities will reportedly be moving indoors, according to multiple media outlets.

The Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet reported on her blog late Wednesday night that Obama's 2012 election night rally will be held Nov. 6 at the McCormick Place, a massive convention center not far from Grant Park, where tens of thousands convened on the evening of the president's election in 2008.

The matter is not entirely finalized, as a contract with the venue is still in the works, according to NBC Chicago.

McCormick Place was also the site of the majority of the events of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's meeting in Chicago earlier this year, so it has already been tested for a similarly high-security political event, the Chicago Tribune notes.

Prior to election night, Obama is expected to be back in his hometown to cast his ballot early on Oct. 25.

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The Obamas In Chicago