Obama 'Fancy Pants': Fox & Friends Criticizes President For Oil Spill Outfit (VIDEO)

The gang on "Fox & Friends" debated Obama's oil spill demeanor yesterday and Gretchen Carlson spoke up about President Obama's ensemble: a button down shirt and dress pants. Except she called them "fancy pants":

"Also, did you see, President Obama is being criticized for what he had on. When he was standing at the shoreline there, he had on fancy pants and a fancy shirt. Look, what other critics are saying, is that 80% of public perception is image. Not what you say. And he should have had on, like what Thad Allen has on next to him. Something that looked like he was a little bit more at the scene."

Obama has also been called out for his footwear, donning sneakers instead of shrimp boots to visit the gulf coast. What do you think? What should the President wear to an oil spill?

Skip ahead to 2:45 to check out Carlson's sartorial commentary.