Obama for President


The pen is indeed mightier than the sword and I've been hoisted on mine. It's buried deep between my shoulder blades.


I didn't see the airing of it, but apparently a certain news network dug up old footage of me and pasted it together with words I'd posted on the Huffington Post to make it look like I was excoriating Obama.

Hello! Me? Excoriate Obama? He's our last best hope, guys. I've been waiting forty years for him.

I'm a Canadian, I pay a bunch of taxes to your government but I can't vote. All I can do, all the rest of the non-voting world can do, is hope.

Hope that he's your next president.

Hope that you will elect him. Because it's my firm belief that as your president, Obama'll bring the nation together and with us, all of us, all the people of this country stride by stride with him, he will lead us towards a world and a future we will all be able to pursue happiness in.

Bill Moyers said that democracy is a "revolutionary idea that it isn't just about the means of governance but the means of dignifying people so they become fully free to claim their moral and political agency."

With Barack Obama as your president, it's my belief that the realization of that revolutionary idea is possible.

Without him, it's my firm belief that we're toast.

Norman Solomon wrote today that "under a McCain presidency, we'd be back to square one, where we've found ourselves since January 2001. Putting Obama in the White House would not by any means ensure progressive change, but under his presidency, the grassroots would have an opportunity to create it."

You're the grassroots. Put Obama in the White House and make the country ours.