Obama Forcing Gay Marriage On The Country, Gary Bauer TV Ad Alleges

Conservative TV Ad: Obama Forcing Gay Marriage On The Country

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The socially conservative super PAC Campaign for American Values is running an ad campaign in the Charlotte media market this week accusing President Barack Obama of forcing gay marriage on the rest of the country.

The organization, headed by Gary Bauer, has played this role before, most infamously in the lead up to the 2004 elections, when gay marriage ballot referendums helped drive up turnout for George W. Bush. And if there is a swing state in which this type of campaign could work, it would be North Carolina, where voters approved a ban on same-sex marriage this May.

But perceptions on the issue have changed since then -- owing to the President's endorsement of marriage equality -- with the black community in particular exhibiting more support.

Still, it's worth watching what type of impact ads like these have, if only because a few percentage points could turn a state one way or the other. Obama won North Carolina in 2008 by roughly 14,000 votes.

Bauer, in a statement provided by his organization, said the ad buy was "significant," though no details were provided about how much had been spent. The Huffington Post has yet to see it air on Charlotte television (for what it's worth).

The ad is also factually wrong: Obama has endorsed same sex marriage personally, but has stressed repeatedly that religious institutions should retain the right to recognize marriage as they see fit. The Democratic Party platform says the same.

The ad, which will air on Charlotte television stations during the Democratic National Convention, can be seen above.

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