In Foreign Policy, President Obama Gets Things Done

Contrary to what the GOP and Fox News want you to believe, President Obama is racking up substantial achievements. They may not be the most popular or reported events but when Obama isn't facing the obstruction of the Tea Party Congress, he gets things done.

His foreign policy successes, over the past three years, are vast, such as the rescue of an American who had been kidnapped by Somali pirates, the death of September 11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden and a successful surge in Afghanistan which is already winding down despite a lot of criticism from the anti-war left.

These successes are evidence that when he is able to freely make decisions, he delivers. Without the partisan gridlock in Washington, Obama can act as the leader of the world's leading nation. Yet, when it comes to matters on the home front, the GOP is determined to be an obstacle. With the Republican party, it's not about country first, as much as it is about making absolutely certain Obama is a one-term president.

It has become the norm that President Obama is criticized for things he has little control over. While the President does set the domestic agenda, he needs the approval of Congress to enact it. Without their passage of bills to help stimulate the economy, create jobs, ensure teachers and firefighters are not laid off, President Obama is basically in a state of inertia.

The death of Moammar Gaddafi to end a 42-year reign in Libya came in large part because of America's intervention. The international coalition, initially lead by the United States and approved by the United Nations was fiercely criticized at its inception, but in some ways Gadhafi's death is a vindication of Obama's strategy.

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