Obama Friends To Shakeup Washington Social Scene

As a new first family prepares to replace the drapes in the White House, their Washington neighbors are abuzz about the changes coming to what has become a sleepy social scene.

Observers expect the new first couple, who are young, intellectually curious and multicultural, to welcome world leaders, great thinkers, musicians and artists, as well as to populate Washington with energetic new people.

"Washington has been in a deep freeze for eight years," says David Adler, CEO and founder of BizBash Media Inc., publisher of a New York-based event industry trade magazine, and founder of the late Washington Dossier, which followed the Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush I administrations. "All of a sudden, every major brand and icon in the world will want to come to D.C. and go to the White House. A state dinner will be the No. 1 ticket in the world."

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