Obama Fundraising Plea: President Asks Donors For More Money

Obama's 'Anxious' Fundraising Plea To Donors

As he looks to win reelection in the post-Citizens United era, President Barack Obama is not mincing words with his donors.

The Daily Beast obtained an "anxious" 18-minute conference call delivered by Obama last Friday from Air Force One. He asked his supporters to "meet or exceed" what they did the during the 2008 run. In the process, Obama admitted that "we're going to have to deal with these super PACs in a serious way."

Back in April, Obama held a 10-1 cash advantage over Romney, capped by a $35 million haul in March. The tides turned by May, with president's campaign admitting a loss to Romney's camp in fundraising figures.

As of June 20, Federal Election Commission reports showed a tight race between the rivals, with Obama and the Democratic National Committee holding a $1.5 million edge over Romney and the Republican National Committee. The president has held events with a significant entry price, such as June 13's $40,000-per-ticket gala in Washington.

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