Crossroads GPS Ad Blames Barack Obama For High Gas Prices

Crossroads GPS Ad Blames Barack Obama For High Gas Prices

With the average price of gas near four dollars a gallon, Republican presidential candidates have made frequent attacks on President Barack Obama's energy policy, blaming him for the high prices and pledging to bring them down through increased domestic production. On Tuesday, the Karl Rove-linked nonprofit Crossroads GPS announced a new ad targeting the same.

Titled "Too Much," the new spot accuses the president of dishonesty on oil production levels, which it says decreased 14 percent on federal lands last year despite the administration's claims to have increased production. The credit for any new exploration, according to the ad, rests with decisions made under George W. Bush.

Experts have said repeatedly that additional domestic production would have little effect on gas prices and put the main blame on speculation in oil markets.

Crossroads said the new spot "urges viewers to contact the White House to advocate for realistic energy solutions that will address the rising cost of gasoline."

The 30-second ad will air on cable and broadcast TV stations in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia, all key battleground states in the general election. The total ad buy was $1.7 million across the six states.

Watch the full ad below:

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