Obama-Hating Pastor Protested In Arizona, Calls Reporter A "Jerk" (VIDEO)

Obama-Hating Pastor Protested In Arizona, Calls Reporter A "Jerk" (VIDEO)

Arizonans gathered outside Tempe's Faithful Word Baptist Church on Sunday to protest Pastor Steven Anderson, who has been preaching a violent hate-sermon against President Barack Obama. The pastor himself appeared only briefly, during a fight with a local reporter.

The "Love Rally" outside Anderson's church was organized by the People Against Clergy Who Preach Hate.

Dozens of demonstrators gathered to protest the pastor's call for the president to "melt like a snail."

"It's hard to believe we could have someone of a religious nature wishing our president was dead," protester William Crumb told ABC News.

"I'm just disgusted with this man who claims to be a minister of the Lord preaching hate toward the president," added Larry Crane.

Organizer Leonard Clark said it was the first of weekly protests.

Anderson briefly appeared outside the church and got into an altercation with a reporter from the Phoenix New Times who questioned his business/church arrangement, calling the journalist a "jerk." (The reporter had called him an "idiot.")

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