Obama: I Feel 'A Little Odd' Wearing A Suit in Hawaii (PHOTOS)


The Obamas hit Hawaii this weekend, although the purpose wasn't simply a jaunt to the president's (actual) birthplace. President Obama is hosting the Asia-Pacific (APEC) summit, meeting with leaders such as Hu Jintao of China, Lien Chan of Taiwan and Dmitry Medvedev of Russia.

For the meeting of so many world leaders and their spouses, the president and the first lady got appropriately dolled up. Michelle, for one, looked stunning in a pink and gray off-the-shoulder frock. But President Obama was a little less comfortable in his formal attire, telling an audience on Saturday that wearing a jacket and tie in Hawaii felt "a little odd."

"In all my years of living in Hawaii and visiting Hawaii, this is the first time I've ever worn a suit."

So does he usually wear a Hawaiian shirt? Sometimes, although he usually prefers a solid tee. But Obama teased President Medvedev, saying:

"My understanding is that he's been spotted in a Hawaiian shirt, walking and enjoying the good weather... I don't know if anybody got pictures of this."

We truly wish they had. Unfortunately we only have pics of the suited-up politicos and some rather stylish first ladies in colorful formalwear, as they posed before the evening's reception and traditional luau. Also photographed was Michelle Obama the day before, when she threw on a casual teal sheath to tour Ma'o Organic Farms and get to know the youth who run it.

Check out photos from the Obamas' Hawaiian trip below... and, if you're like us, be seriously envious of the warm, sunny weather.

Obamas in Hawaii