Obama Won't Endorse Hillary Clinton Just Yet

President Barack Obama praised former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton but stopped short of offering his endorsement to his former opponent's 2016 presidential campaign during an interview with WBNS on Monday.

"It's a little early for an endorsement since she just announced yesterday," Obama said. "But here's what I can say. She is talented, tenacious, was a great Secretary of State, she is a friend of mine and I think she would be an excellent president."

Earlier on Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that Obama wouldn't endorse Clinton automatically because Obama had other friends considering getting involved in the race. One of those Democrats could be Vice President Joe Biden, who said that there is a "chance" he might mount another White House bid.

While some Democrats threw their support behind Clinton immediately after she announced her candidacy on Sunday, others like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) have declined to do so, saying that they are waiting to see what kind of agenda Clinton offers.



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