Obama: Hillary, McCain Using "Very Same Words" Against Me

Barack Obama said yesterday that Hillary Clinton is using attacks from the GOP playbook. Today his campaign circulated a fundraising letter, charging that Hillary Clinton and John McCain are using the "the very same words" to attack him. Obama isn't the only one who says it's two against one. The Washington Post points out that Hillary and John McCain are sounding like they are in an echo chamber when it comes to attacking Obama these days.

Sen. John McCain joined in the criticism of Sen. Barack Obama yesterday for Obama's comments about "bitter" victims of small-town economic distress, while Obama's rival for the Democratic presidential nomination weighed in with a tough new ad on the controversy.

Speaking at a gathering of newspaper editors and executives in Washington, McCain echoed the rebuke voiced repeatedly by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, calling Obama's characterization "a contradiction from what I believe America is all about."