GET INVOLVED: Open For Questions With President Obama (Live Webcast 11:25AM, Wed. 9/28)

What would you ask President Obama?

Would you ask him about the proposed Jobs Act and whether it will put Hispanic laborers and professionals back to work? Support for small businesses, the lifeblood of so many Latino communities across the country? His take on the state of the American Dream? Want to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month and quiz him on his knowledge of Latino culture?

Here’s your chance.

At 11:25AM EST, on Wednesday, September 28th, President Obama will address questions from Latinos across the country at 'Open For Questions With President Obama', a live webcast direct from the White House Map Room.

During this roundtable, AOL Latino and HuffPost LatinoVoices will present a selection of questions from our users to the president. But we need your help in creating the questions, which can be about anything of relevance to U.S. Hispanics: the economy, health care, education, immigration reform, jobs...

You can submit your question in any of the following ways:

  • Leave a comment on this very page
  • Send a tweet using #AskObama hashtag
  • Send an email to

Please be sure to include your first name, city and state with your submission.

Here are some of the questions already received via Twitter, email and comments. Let us know what you think about them, and let them inspire you to submit your own question!


This will be the first time the President conducts a live online event for Latinos. Don't miss out on the chance to make your voice heard!

And then be sure to tune in on September 28th to watch the live webcast and find out where President Obama stands on the issues which most matter to you and the Hispanic community.


Si hablas español y quieres enviar tu pregunta a ser considerada para la mesa redonda con el Presidente Obama, por favor visite esta página en AOL Latino.

Disclaimer: AOL Latino and HuffPost LatinoVoices will ask the President questions from our users at a White House roundtable on September 28, 2011, which will be streamed live on both sites. In order for your question for the President to be considered, you must include your first name, city and state. By submitting your question, you agree that we may publish your first name, city and state; that we may post your question for public voting on our site; and that we may translate, edit, and combine your question with other submitted questions. Not all submitted questions will be selected for use at the roundtable, and public voting may not determine which questions are selected. AOL Latino and HuffPost LatinoVoices have sole discretion in selecting the user questions asked at the roundtable.