President Obama Watches HuffPost Live (PHOTO)

HuffPost Live has a viewer-in-chief. The White House released a photo this week of President Obama turning to HuffPost Live to watch his longtime advisor David Axelrod shave his moustache in the name of charity.

Axelrod shaved his trademark moustache off on "Morning Joe" earlier this month to raise money for epilepsy research. He had originally pledged to lose his forty-year old moustache if Obama lost Pennsylvania, Minnesota or Michigan. Obama won all those states, but Axelrod said he would go through with it if his charity — Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy — raised a million dollars. He succeeded with help from donors, including the president himself, and appeared on "Morning Joe" to bare his naked upper lip.

A White House photo from December 7 shows an amused Obama watching HuffPost Live's coverage of the story alongside his personal secretary Anita Decker in the Outer Oval Office. HuffPost reporter Arthur Delaney, who joined hosts Abby Huntsman and Marc Lamont Hill to discuss the story, appears on the computer screen in the photo.

obama huffpost live

HuffPost Live president and co-creator Roy Sekoff extended an open invitation to Obama's secretary, Anita Decker, to join HuffPost Live.

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