Obama: 'There Is No American Military Solution To The Larger Crisis In Iraq'

Obama: 'There Is No American Military Solution To The Larger Crisis In Iraq'

President Barack Obama spoke on the situation in Iraq on Monday, reiterating that "there is no American military solution to the larger crisis in Iraq."

"The only lasting solution is for Iraqis to come together and form an inclusive government," Obama said, noting the U.S. has "stepped up military advice and assistance to Iraqi and Kurdish forces as they wage the fight against ISIL."

"The United States stands ready to support a government that addresses the needs and grievances of all of the Iraqi people," Obama said.

"We stand ready to partner with Iraq to fight against these terrorist forces," Obama continued.

On Thursday, Obama authorized U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq. On Monday, senior U.S. officials said the Obama administration had begun directly providing weapons to Kurdish forces, according to the AP.

Obama is currently on vacation in Martha's Vineyard. He's accompanied by national security adviser Susan Rice and deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, who are briefing the president on Iraq as well as the situations in Gaza and Ukraine.

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CHILMARK, Mass. (AP) — President Obama is giving his approval to the appointment of a prime minister to replace Nouri al-Maliki and urging the formation of a new government in Iraq as soon as possible.

In brief remarks delivered at his vacation spot in Martha's Vineyard, Obama said he and Vice President Joe Biden had spoken with Haider al-Ibadi, who was designated prime minister by the new president.

Obama also said the United States had successfully carried out targeted air strikes to support Kurdish fighters in their battle against Islamist extremists, and conducted humanitarian relief missions to aid thousands of stranded women and children on a mountain in Iraq.

He said the only lasting solution in Iraq is the formation of an inclusive government.

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