Obama Is Latest To Receive Dated Pop-Cultural Endorsement

In a move that's sure to provide a boost to Obama's fortunes among time-travelling high school kids from the early 1980s, Hulk Hogan - professional wrestler and reality teevee divorcee - has backed the Illinois Senator on the the Jimmy Kimmel show. Hogan, in picking Obama, cited something about "cards" and how Obama doesn't judge people based upon "the way people dress," which makes sense, considering Hogan offered his support whilst clad in a shimmery piece of yellow Saran Wrap that looked like it was stolen off the set of Miami Vice.

Hogan's endorsement ensures that at least one Democrat will join Republicans Mike Huckabee and John McCain in having one prominent supporter whose career is based on pretend ultraviolence. Though, in Hogan's defense, we remind you that wrestling is totally fixed--just like elections in Pakistan!