Obama: "It Will Be Fun To See How The Story Ends"

Obama: "It Will Be Fun To See How The Story Ends"

Via Newsweek, Barack Obama chatted with reporters on his plane last night en route to Chicago:

Obama: You guys have been gracious, outstanding, reasonably easy for our crack team here and you know whatever happens tomorrow it's extraordinary you guys have shared this process with us and I just want to say thank you and I appreciate you.

Kathy Kiely: How are you feeling Senator?

Obama: I am not going to come back and answer any questions here, Kathy. Even though you can feel free to keep your tape recorders on. Get some sleep starting on Wednesday.

Reporter: I'm sorry about your Grandmother.

Obama: I know you guys have sent a lot of emails individually, collectively. It is very gracious. Embeds--they have been there for the start. Thank you guys, thank you guys.

(Walks to the back of the plane)

Obama: This is finally starting to look like the original plane. It took a while to get that old feeling again. Is everyone giving [NEWSWEEK's Richard] Wolffe a sufficiently hard time about being a feature on Saturday Night Live?

Reporter: Scout--It's her birthday you know.

Obama: Let me give you a birthday kiss. OK guys, let's go home. It will be fun to see how the story ends.

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