Obama, Jimmy Fallon Visit UNC, Talk The President's Thrift-Shopping Past (VIDEO)

WATCH: Obama Adorably Admits His Thrift-Shopping Past

President Obama made a charming (as always) appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show last night, with the pair broadcasting "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" from the University of North Carolina campus.

The president look dignified with his gray hair and well-cut suit (seriously, that White House tailor knows what he's doing). But Fallon proceeded to give Obama several cases of the giggles and loosen up that dignified presence. The best instance? When Fallon unearthed one of the famous vintage photos of college-aged Barack.

"I'm a little concerned by what you've got here..." laughed the president as Jimmy whipped out the black and white pic.

Pointing at the photo, President Obama said, "I want you to notice the afro. And then there's... I guess fur on the jacket there, on my collar..." laughing all the while. "I think this was a Goodwill purchase."

You heard right, folks -- the president has a dirty (and by dirty, we mean awesome) thrift-shopping past! What else did he get there? Was he also a Salvation Army fan? And does he still have that retro jacket?

Alas, Jimmy failed to follow up with our burning fashion questions. He did, however, discuss home decor with the president as well as "Slow Jam The News." Check out POTUS getting friendly with Fallon in the video above!

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