UFO Expert 'Absolutely Floored' By Revelation From Obama Library

The news comes amid an unprecedented series of disclosures about UFOs.

A leading researcher into government secrets says he may have found the “jackpot” of documents on potential extraterrestrial encounters.

John Greenewald Jr., who operates The Black Vault, a website dedicated to revealing declassified government documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests, said he asked the Barack Obama Presidential Library for anything it has on UFOs and related phenomena. What he got back left him “absolutely floored”:

Unfortunately, Greenewald won’t get to see any of those documents and electronic files anytime soon. In a followup tweet, he wrote that the library won’t let him view any documents in person and estimated it would take 16 years to fulfill his FOIA request.

“It took the wind right out of my sails of excitement,” he wrote on Twitter, and called on lawmakers to help expedite the request.

Greenewald is the author of several books, including “Inside The Black Vault: The Government’s UFO Secrets Revealed,” which reportedly involved collecting some 8,000 FOIA requests.

Although it’s not clear what might be contained in the Obama library documents, Motherboard noted that they could be procedural documents or contain previously known information. But the sheer volume of content is enticing to researchers and enthusiasts.

The revelation comes amid an unprecedented series of disclosures about UFOs, or as the federal government now prefers to call them, UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena).

Several videos leaked in 2017 to The New York Times and The Washington Post showed encounters with fast-moving objects, including one nicknamed “Tic Tac” because of its resemblance to the candies. Unlike the candies, this object ― still unknown, at least publicly ― plunged from 60,000 feet to just 50 feet in a matter of seconds:

The U.S. Navy later confirmed the authenticity of the videos to The Black Vault.

A 2020 report in the Times said that a Pentagon consultant had briefed Defense Department officials on items retrieved from “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.”

Obama addressed the subject last year, saying the federal government doesn’t have a secret base with alien spaceships.

“But what is true and I’m actually being serious here, is there are, there’s footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are,” he said on “The Late Late Show.” “We can’t explain how they moved, their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable pattern.”

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