Obama Media Coverage More Negative Than Any GOP Candidate: Pew Study

Some of the GOP candidates for president are not getting the best press, but a recent Pew study shows that President Obama is getting worse coverage than anyone else.

The study, which looked at stories from 1,500 news outlets from the past 23 weeks, found that negative assessments of President Obama outweighed positive assessments by almost 4:1. The stories, which largely focused on the economic crisis, brought him the second-highest level of negative press, as well as the lowest amount of positive press. This means that, overall, his net coverage is the most negative of any candidate. That's a very steep drop from the early days of Obama's presidency, when Pew found him receiving 42 percent positive coverage.

Among the GOP contenders, Rick Perry has received the most positive coverage over the study period. But the tone of media assessments seems to be fluctuating with public opinion: Perry's positive coverage is dipping, while Herman Cain's is now on the surge. Mitt Romney's coverage remains mixed.

Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin also enjoyed more positive reports, with good assessments of Palin outweighing poor assessments 3:2.


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