Obama Consoles Michigan Football After Heartbreaking Loss

The commander-in-empathy had a word with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

University of Michigan football and its fans are still reeling after Saturday's shocking 27-23 home loss to Michigan State, but they're not alone in their grief. President Barack Obama consoled Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh on Monday and gave a message to his team: Chin up.

"He said the same thing you just said: 'Tough way to lose a football game,'" Harbaugh said to assembled reporters after leaving the White House.

"[Obama] told the fellas to keep their chin up and him and Michelle were watching the game and likes the way our team played and told our guys to keep it going." 

Harbaugh visited the White House after appearing with first lady Michelle Obama at a higher education awareness event on Monday, according to The Detroit News. 

Just two days earlier, Harbaugh's team handed a win to rival Michigan State on the very last moment of the game. Michigan State had been trailing for the entire game, but a fumbled Michigan punt on the last play lead to a stunning game-winning touchdown in the other direction. 

Wrapped in its finality, this was just about the worst way to lose a football game.


Michigan will look to use Obama's words of encouragement in their off-week before looking to rebound against Minnesota on Oct. 31. 



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