Obarbecue! Obamas Grab Ribs In North Carolina (PHOTOS)

President Obama and the First Lady made a surprise visit to 12 Bones smokehouse in Asheville, North Carolina this afternoon, which had seen another surprise visit from then-candidate Obama in October 2008. (12 Bones appears to be well-liked by most.)

The Obama mingled with customers and staff, posed for photos and eventually ordered two rib plates, and given order number 99. From the pool report, the precise order per Bill Burton was:

Ribs, greens, baked beans, corn pudding, mac & cheese and corn bread. All washed down with a couple of sweet teas.

About those ribs...deputy press sescretary Bill Burton tweeted during the meal:

Plates of ribs here at 12 Bones Smokehouse give new meaning to 'too big to fail'

When the Obamas left 12 Bones, a crowd had gathered on the corner, a few with "Welcome" signs, and a couple that read: "We love Sasha" and "Howdy Malia."

Photos from the drop-in:

Obarbecue! Obamas Grab Ribs In North Carolina