Obama not selling Chicago home

First published at WashingtonTimes.com

The CBS affiliate in Chicago captured a nice scoop today when President-elect Barack Obama stopped in at Manny's Deli.


In this raw video, Obama tells a woman he seems to know that he and Michelle plan to keep their Hyde Park house.


Huffington Post caught the clip but didn't note the news in the headline, and the CBS station posted it as a "Web extra" but also didn't catch the news.





"We're keeping our house," Obama says with the trademark grin.


"We're staying in there for awhile. Now's not the time to sell."


HuffPo also noted that the woman seemed to hint that Obama had White House ambitions more than a decade ago, teling the president-elect, "'Well you asked for it. I remember 12 years ago ..."


There was a protective pool reporter with him today and she filed a funny report about his corned beef order at the famed restaurant, but from the looks of it the press shuttled there by the transition team was kept out of earshot of his interaction with the crowd.


Christina Bellantoni, White House correspondent,

The Washington Times


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