Obama On Fox News: Bret Baier To Interview President

President Obama will sit down with Fox News' Bret Baier Wednesday for what is being called an "exclusive" interview.

Baier announced the interview — his first sit-down with the President — Tuesday, saying it was a "long time coming."

Obama will appear on Baier's 6PM broadcast, "Special Report" to discuss "the upcoming House vote on health care reform and what to expect in Washington in the weeks ahead," according to a network announcement.

"Hell freezes over: Obama to be interviewed on Fox News. Bret Baier just announced. Prez must REALLY want health care to pass," Washington Post writer and CNN host Howard Kurtz tweeted.

The White House and Fox News have shared a rocky relationship over the last year: former communications director Anita Dunn led the charge against Fox News, arguing that it was not a legitimate news network. Network chief Roger Ailes recently acknowledged that the White House may have "legitimate complaints" about Fox News. In recent months, however, tensions between the administration and the network have cooled, and Obama has been interviewed by Fox News White House Correspondent Major Garrett (the First Lady also recently appeared on "Huckabee").

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