Excuse me, Mr. President?

I voted for you. With great energy and in the spirit of "Yes we can" I attempt to defend your positions each week during my appearances on Fox News. Not surprisingly, I'm not very popular at the network. As the cover of one of my magazines (fb & Business) has already projected, you are the winner of the 2012 reelection campaign. I'm already promising you my vote. So, what's up with the new defensive and defeated body language? And your tone? Geez, what happened? Bad day at the White House? Are you giving up?

As I sit watching your televised speech about Iraq, I'm just puzzled by who you really are. I voted for you because I believed in your message -- and so did many more people than me. How did it happen that military success has become the only great achievement of your presidency? Bin Laden is dead. That's got to be the greatest blow to terrorism in the last decade. We're leaving Iraq, so you say, and the news is packed with video making it crystal clear Gaddafi is gone. The world is changing. I have the greatest respect for the military and stop everyone who has ever served and returned home with a big thank you. For a guy who didn't fully appreciate the military salute, you came a long way. Just wasn't the way I was thinking. Was it yours?

As the incumbent "candidate for President," you pledge to pull the troops out of Iraq by the end of 2011. I'm not sure what to make of that. Does that replace "Yes we can" as your brand? America's war in Iraq will be over. That's a great feel-good holiday story. I'll vote for that. But what about the rest of the things you promised Americans?

You rock the world in social media. No one can touch you there. The Fortune 1000 can learn from you. I get emails from your campaign throughout the day in real time. While watching those GOP debates, I also receive emails from you. Your Internet presence and the volume of your electronic communiqués are second to none. The GOP doesn't have enough years in between today and the election to catch you there.

That's the good news.

The bad news: unemployment remains high, median incomes are comparatively low, and the markets are shaky at best. And no one is feeling happy to see that your shoulders are slumping, your hair grows even grayer, and you tone has become more somber than ever. We don't need you to lecture us about getting along. Listen to our lecture: We need you to be the guy we elected.

May I suggest that while we have to be realistic and deal with the facts, you need to launch an "optimism offensive" that doesn't include the word military in the same sentence. It's clear to us that no one can get along in Washington. We're worried. You're not helping.

If the country felt just a bit better, maybe we wouldn't be so nervous about spending. Maybe small businesses would start hiring again. Maybe those sitting on the fence would jump off and start investing again.

Excuse me, Mr. President. The buck stops on your desk.

You own the economy. You own the country's mood. Americans would be more optimistic if you were. Your mood won't trump the data, but it will make us feel better. Don't take your "mood" too lightly. It's contagious. Right now, we need you to inspire faith in us. Be the inspirational President we elected. Hold your shoulders high again.