Obama Orders $18.25 In Cinnamon Rolls, Leaves $31 Tip, Drops Mic

THAT'S how you do breakfast.

Drop a total of $50 on pastries, all before 10 a.m.? Yes we can.

President Obama's trip to Anchorage, Alaska, was highlighted by a Tuesday morning trip to Snow City Cafe, a downtown brunch spot well-known amongst locals. His to-go order included the cafe's entire stock of cinnamon rolls, as well as two pastry platters loaded with muffins and buns.

"How many of those do you guys have?" the president reportedly asked a barista upon seeing the cinnamon rolls. "I'm going to take all of those."

The president paid for his $18.25 order with a $50 bill, leaving the extra as a tip of more than $30. Apparently, he was slightly undercharged.

"He probably got a couple extra in there [for free)]," sous chef Danny Atkins told The Huffington Post. "It was very exciting."

The restaurant had caught wind that Obama might be visiting this week, so it stocked its menu with presidential-titled specials like a Kale to the Chief salad, POTUS sliders and the Obamalet (an egg dish with "barakoli," otherwise known as broccoli). Those items will remain on the menu for the rest of the week, Atkins said.

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