Obama Perfectly Posed to Push Public Option

If Obama's advisers had any killer instinct, they would push him to zero in on an absolutely golden opportunity to include a public option in the historic HCR bill. There appears to me to be no downside to this move unless Obama and his peeps are worried about how the corporate world would react to doing something that could actually put right what is so very wrong with health care in our country.

The reason this jewel of an opportunity exists is that surprise surprise after the house passes the senate's HCR bill we have a real from the heart kumbaya moment where the love is flowing the tears are rolling and the polls are loving this HCR victory. Can anyone really see any of those 219 Democratic representatives being the one who once again drives HCR into the ditch. No way no how.

Axelrod says Obama is a warrior. Oh how I would love to really believe that is true. For our prez to gain warrior status in my book, he goes in for the killer move that truly leads to real health care reform. Now I know this is asking a lot of him but is it really asking too much? It sure as hell is not. The Dems are feeling that rush of blood when you have your hand on the wheel and pedal to the metal knowing you are taking this baby home. This is real power they are experiencing and a true sense of making history that is good and possibly great. However, instead of taking advantage of their new found confidence and the support they have by the majority of Americans instead of letting that sense of power bloom and take root President Obama and those so called geniuses that advise him are letting fear of blowing another rare chance to fix health care, control them. What should be driving their behavior is the raw sense of power that comes from winning a hard fought battle against great odds and knowing that Right is on your side and is a powerful wind is blowing at your back.

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