Obama Play-By-Play At 2009 All-Star Game With Joe Buck, Tim McCarver (VIDEO)

President Obama threw out the ceremonial first pitch last night at baseball's 2009 All-Star game (video here) and also joined announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver to talk about the game and his beloved White Sox.

The President also declined to bailout the National League despite the fact that they haven't won an All-Star game since 1996:

"This is a problem," the president said, asking Buck and McCarver, "what's your best theory on this?" Three or four years' worth of losing is one thing, you can say it's "just happenstance," but this was something else. McCarver cited the American League's designated hitter rule.

"So there's no bailout plan for the National League?" one of the sportscasters asked, laughing.

"No," said the president, "we're out of money."