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Barack Obama's Leather Jacket Has Been Hiding In His Closet This Whole Time

We should have known.

In a twist that should come as a surprise to no one, it turns out Barack Obama’s stellar sense of style ― the one he’s been unknowingly using to tug at our heart strings for months ― has been waiting to emerge for quite some time.

A new story in People Magazine about the Obamas’ lives since leaving the White House offers revelations about the former president’s seemingly recent passion for fashion, including one of his more buzzed about staples: The brown leather jacket. As it turns out, there’s nothing new about it at all.

People Magazine's article about the former&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">first family&rsquo;s lives since leaving the White House</a>&nbsp;reveals that President Barack Obama has had his stylish leather jacket for&nbsp;quite some time.
People Magazine's article about the former first family’s lives since leaving the White House reveals that President Barack Obama has had his stylish leather jacket for quite some time.

“He’s had that jacket for quite some time,” Anita Decker Breckinridge, Obama’s chief of staff told the mag. “He really likes that jacket. People think he looks good in the jacket. He’s had it for a long time. I just don’t think he’s had the opportunity to wear it. When does the President ever get to go out in his leather jacket? It’s not something we see.”

It’s true that Obama has really taken the bull by the well-dressed horns in the past few months, whether in bomber jackets or unbuttoned shirts. But with this new development, we can’t help but picture the former president staring longingly at the jacket during his tenure in office, waiting for the glorious day he’d get to wear it freely while still looking like (and being) a total boss.

Anyone else excited to see what sartorial blessings Obama is sure to bestow upon us this summer?

Head to People to see the entire story.