Obama Response Ad: WHOA, McCain Ain't No Maverick

Adhering to the 'hit-back' policy that dictates his campaign strategy, Barack Obama released a response ad Monday evening, declaring the Republican ticket a group of wanna-be mavericks.

Titled "No Maverick," the spot replays the Obama camp's go-to "more of the same" message, only this time bringing Sarah Palin into the equation. There is even the obligatory flip-flop charge for the Alaska governor's position on the 'Bridge to Nowhere.'

Earlier in the day, the McCain camp put out a spot of its own declaring its ticket the one that represented change in Washington. The spot was dubious, arguing that Palin was always against the infamous bridge. The Obama campaign has been hitting back repeatedly with news items and press statements. This rebuttal ad, the campaign says, will "air in key battleground states across the country beginning today."

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