Obama Restates Support For Public Plan In Meeting With Progressives

A group of progressive members of the House of Representatives met with the President on Tuesday to discuss economic and health care matters. The message that they conveyed from their meeting is that the White House supports efforts for a public plan for insurance coverage when it comes to health care reform.

One of those members, speaking to the Huffington Post after the affair, summarized it like this: "The President told us we have his backing on a public plan." The obstacle, the member added, will come in Congress, where cobbling together the votes needed to pass a health care package with a public plan could be problematic.

Needless to say, progressive health care reform advocates will be heartened to hear that Obama restated his support for a public option for insurance coverage. While the private insurance industry views this as a gateway toward universalized health care, progressives and many Democrats see it as the most affective way to bring costs under control in the near term.

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