Obama Reveals The Reason He Isn't Worried About His Daughters Dating

Two words: Secret Service.

As if picking up your date from the White House isn’t nerve-wracking enough, imagine if your date’s dad was none other than the President of the United States. But according to President Obama, it’s not him that his daughters’ prospective suitors should be worried about.

“The truth is, I’m pretty relaxed about it, for two reasons,” Obama said of his daughters dating in an interview with radio station WDCJ G105 Raleigh last week.

The president revealed his daughters, Malia, 18, and Sasha, 15, have already started dating, but he knows they’ve got good heads on their shoulders.

“One [reason] is Michelle. She’s such a great example of how she carries herself, her self-esteem, not depending on boys to validate how you look or you know, not letting yourself be judged by anything other than your character and intelligence,” he said.

He also said he hopes the respect he’s shown for his wife of nearly 25 years has set a good example. 

But beyond all that, there’s another reason ― the real reason ― POTUS joked he doesn’t have to worry about any boys getting fresh with his daughters.

“The other reason is because they have Secret Service!” Obama said. “There’s only so much these guys can do ... these poor young men.”


We think the message has gone out loud and clear for anyone hoping to date the first daughters.

Malia is currently taking a gap year and plans to attend Harvard University next fall. Sasha is in high school and the first family plans to stay in Washington at least until she graduates. 

And after that, it seems, Obama, 55, and the first lady, 52, will be empty nesters in their post-White House years. But it seems they’ve already started getting acclimated to the idea of less time with the girls.

“As they get older they ditch you,” he joked. “They love you but they don’t have time for you.”

That just means more time for golf and date nights with Michelle. Adorable.



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